2nd of May 2001 - NEW RELEASE (v0.4.3 build 1)

Atlast, there it is, a new release of WinFellow. This release is not a snapshot. In fact this release is tested by the brand new beta test team. Check out the credits.txt within the release zip-file.
All enhancements made in the snapshot so far have been incorporated into this release and more! Have fun with it!


Oh my ..., the Fellow Amiga Emulator is being ported to Intel based Linux systems. Get ready for XFellow! Dan Sutherland started working on a Linux port (XFellow) in late 2000. Already two pre-alpha releases have been made and can be download from the site. Check it out and visit the site here.

24th of April 2001 - what's taking so long?!

The continuity of releasing snapshots has been interrupted, alas. Everyone has been very occupied with the study or work. The beta team formation is ready and hopefully will result in a more stable WinFellow release.

just hang in there!

18th of Februari 2001 - sixth snapshot ready for download

More than one month later, and there it is again, a new snapshot for you! Almost all made changes are fixes. There are still sound problems and in this release you can adjust the soundbuffer length yourself and tweak a little bit with it. Also Carfesh added 'save' support for ADZ images. Since these diskimages are compressed they need to be decompressed before use and compressed after use. This only works if the ADZ file are not write protected naturally :-)
Have fun!

23th of Januari 2001 - fifth snapshot ready for download

Here ya go, a new snapshot for you! The holidays haven't goneby without some serious programming effort from Petter, Marco, Andax and Carfesh. Just a few picks: the fastmem bug has been fixed, two PC joystick support added, mayorly improved graphics performance, improved soundcard capability detection. In other words, emulation speed has increased and for those who could not enjoy sound, check it out!

19th of December 2000 - fourth snapshot ready for download

Whoppa, already a new snapshot released (thanks to Carfesh). Carfesh couldn't keep of the MOD Ripper from DOSFellow and ported it too WinFellow. He added support for: ProTracker and clones (Protracker, Noisetracker, Startrekker 4/8 channel, ...), SoundFX 1.3 and 2.0, SoundMon 1.0, 2.0 and 2.2, FredEditor, ProRunner 2.0 and ThePlayer 4. The code for all of this came also from other programmers and they are mentioned in the 'module ripper.txt' that is within the zipfile containing the new snapshot binairy.

6th of December 2000 - global situation

It has been a while, but finally a next snapshot was released. The last few months were kinda busy for all of us in the WinFellow team. But gradually the work on WinFellow is picked up again. We will keep you posted!

6th of December 2000 - third snapshot available for download

The third snapshot is now available for download. Again this is a snapshot and NOT a regular release. Also the sources are available of this one too.

3rd of October 2000 - first snapshot available for download

The first snapshot is now available for download. It is not a regular release, but a in-between build of the sources. This release is a snapshot of the current development status of WinFellow. Though we take great care to always have our source archive in a usable and stable state it may happen that a snapshot is buggy and bad performant. If you experience bugs within a snapshot release please do NOT mail us about it as we most probably already know about this and are working on it. Under no circumstances should you confuse our snapshot releases with the real releases. Regard the snapshots as "unofficial" releases and use them at your own risk.

17th of September 2000 - new alpha available

People almost thought the project was dead, but were they wrong or what!? The team questioned if this version isn't beta, it's stable enough we think. Since practice still needs to verify this belief, we labelled it alpha. We hope the outcome of it will be beta worthy!
We offer two versions of the new alpha: a version for Windows NT users (DirectX 3) and one for Win9x/2k users (DirectX 5 or higher). It's important you download the appropriate version. The new alpha version of WinFellow is now available for download here. Check out the release notes (in zip-file) for a detailed description of all the changes that were made.

17th of September 2000 - new logo

WinFellow does now have an official logo, as shown above the menu drawers and at the opening page. It's made by Worfje and is also included in the next alpha of WinFellow. We hope you like it!

24th of June 2000 - new alpha available

Yes, finally it's here! The new alpha version of WinFellow is now available for download here. Check out the release notes (in zip-file) for a detailed description of all the changes that were made.

2nd of June 2000 - new alpha version on it's way

Momentary we are working hard on WinFellow. Enhancements are made in respect to sound, the input from joystick/mouse/keyboard and the graphics. A new alpha version shall be released soon. The details about what has been enhanced will be disclosed at the same time.
The number of people visiting this site is still increasing rapidly. At this point 5000 people have visited...

24th of May 2000 - 2000 visits counted

A frontier is pushed out! Keep spreading the URL!

21th of May 2000 - traffic

Traffic is hitting the roof. Yesterday 34 people visited the site and today more than 400 people already visited too. Spread the URL!

20th of May 2000 - forum

A public forum on SourceForge is started. You can post youre messages on it and discuss any subject about WinFellow with other ( fellow :-) ) end-users. The discussion can and will be used as input for WinFellow project. Place youre message here.

17th of May 2000 - first meeting

The first meeting of all the new members of the WinFellow project team has been held. Goals have been set and tasks have been divided.
This website has been build and a alpha version is available for download. Also the source can be downloaded. For now every team member will make an inventory of each file it manages.